This is my personal blog and any opinions expressed are strictly mine. If you share any information you find here, please be sure to give credit where credit is due.  And please do not remove any watermarks from any of my photographs.  That’s just not nice.

I am a happily married 40-something living in Pittsburgh with my husband and our dogs.  We have shared our home with 6 house rabbits over the years as well.

I love to quilt, spending time with our dogs, research my family tree and watch movies/tv.  The Pittsburgh Penguins are my favorite sports team.  My favorite TV shows are very eclectic from documentaries on Independent Lens, P.O.V. to sci-fi like Limitless, Magicians to cop-procedurals like Castle and NCIS: Los Angeles.  (and who doesn’t love Blacklist??)

I firmly believe there are many religious paths and regardless of one’s beliefs, one must always strive to be kind to others.  We are all capable of greatness as well as acts of cruelty, regardless of religious followings.  I’m leery of the label “ALL” such as “All Christians are going to Heaven” or “All Muslims are evil”.   There is always somebody better off AND worse off than we are — regardless of race & religious creed.  Always try to help somebody who appears worse off when you can.

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